London Design Festival

Submission for the Co-ordinates show hosted by London gallery Ground Floor Space — as part of the London Design Festival.

The Greater London Authority completed a survey in which they asked residents to assess their overall happiness. In collaboration with developer Tom Duncalf, we used this data to create our map.

The London postal area was divided into a 200x200 grid, and for each grid square an average happiness for the area contained within was calculated. Next, a circle was rendered in the centre of each grid square, with the radius corresponding to the average happiness of the area — the larger the radius, the happier the area.

The end result comprises 400,000 individual circles, which when viewed from a distance make up a grayscale map revealing the distribution of happiness across London, but when viewed up close, reveals intricate patterns created by the interaction of repeated shapes.

The map was generated by an algorithm implemented using D3, a Javascript library for creating data-driven visualisations.

Limited edition of 10. Printed by Peckham Print Studio.

Exhibited: Ground Floor Space Gallery, London
Price: £50 (+P&P)
Size: A1 (594mm x 841mm)

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Sold with net proceeds benefitting homeless charity Streets of London.

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